Kevin StillAs sponsors of the first DEMSA members meeting with Kevin Still taking over the helm, Tigersolv joined the well attended meeting, with many of the APDSI members welcomed into the newly merged organisation.
Kevin was welcomed by Steve Kelleher-Brown of Tigersolv: “Kevin’s appointment is an excellent choice, his breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the facts will be game-changing for DEMSA. It’s great to be included and to feel valued from the start.”
Kevin’s direction of DEMSA seems is not of a pseudo-regulator, but as an informative support network with strong emphasis on compliance monitoring, training and networking.

The FCA have enough teeth, so a voluntary standards association that seeks to impose fines etc. is superfluous and would discourage members from joining.
There was a lot of emphasis on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and how many of the future activities will be aimed at strengthening the membership’s competence, and compliance auditing services.
A new data gathering initiative was discussed and DEMSA members will be encouraged to share anonymised statistics. The aim is to see what the professional sector is like in terms of size, client diversity and creditor links. This will aid lobbying and also help companies to benchmark themselves against the rest of the industry. Of course, Tigersolv will help with the creation and submission of the new data sets for any of its Clients who are participating.
For full details of the meeting or to enquire about membership please contact Angela Scholefield

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