Phil Robinson

Solutions Architect

Technology Specialist || Industry Specialists
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Phil Robinson is our Solutions Expert and your first port of call if you want to know how Tigersolv can help your company grow.

He works closely with both our clients and development team to bring about the very best tailored software made to the highest standards.

Contact Phil on +44 (0)1204 697000 or send him an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Personal Highlights
Critical Experience

Phil has worked in the financial solutions industry for many years, so he knows his way around complictaed sales, administration, and payments processes.
In the Finance world, you have to deliver highly resiliant solutions that work for stakeholders across to business in incredibly short timeframes. It’s a crucible for Software Developers and Project Managers alike.

Future Thinking

Before that, Phil worked for International Charities and in Education to help deliver the very latest cutting edge technology to places it came make the most tremedous impact. In this time, Phil learnt the importance of sustainable and adapatable solutions that are easy to maintain and operate for users form all kinds of backgrounds.

Quick Questions

What’s important in product design?
“Simplicity! Operations and IT Managers have to run more and more complicated systems with less and less time, and honestly I come away from client sites wanting to pin a medal on those people. While automation is a key part of increasing profit margins, someone still has to have their hand on the big picture.
For that user, I like our interfaces to align with common standards and work consistently. It can feel like a never ending quest for perfection sometimes but it’s so important to a growing businesses.”
Favorite Project?
“We’ve been building a new Smart Workflow engine over the last 12 months to meet the needs of highly regulated businesses and I’m really proud of the results. The design has been refined over almost a decade now and the versioning, auditing, and drag and drop admin tools allow Tigersolv clients to quickly build on their processes without having to worry about reporting and demonstrating results to regulators and business shareholders.”
Favorite Saying?
“Where there’s tea, there’s hope”