Steve Kelleher-Brown

Technical Director

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Steve Kelleher-Brown is the Technical Director and Eccentric Figurehead of Tigersolv. His unorthadox approach and friendly manner have defined the ethos of our Company; always working to make the best possible solution.

Steve has owned the company with his wife Christine since 1999 and they are proud to call Tigersolv “a family company”.

Contact Steve on +44 (0)1204 697000 or send him an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Steve in a Nutshell

After several programming jobs, Steve ended up working as a contractor for Gregory Pennington, he soon realised that it was possible to build an off-the-shelf system that would rival Pennington's SHIVA program and would enable any Debt company to work efficiently. After leaving GP he set to work and created Debtsolv; a Debt CRM that has changed the landscape for debt companies in the UK. Over the last 16 years Tigersolv has gone from strength to strength, working with hundreds of different companies. Steve has employed a wide range of talented people that have enabled our product range to become much more diverse.

Steve is a creative guy; a keen musician and songwriter who loves to pass on his ideas. He takes his work very personally and thrives on each project making a big difference to the users. His current pet projects include the Digital Standard Financial Statement and the Creditor Portal which have raised many an eyebrow recently.

Quick Questions

What is the biggest factor in software development?
“End-user engagement. If the users who need the system don’t spend the time learning how to use it properly, they will inevitably make mistakes or work around the system with something that they do know and understand. This is why it’s important that a computer program is easy to work with, but has got lots of complexities for the power-user to discover that will encourage them to use it more.”
What is it like working with your wife?
“To be honest, we work so well together that I don’t know what it would be like to work without her. Taking work issues home is always a problem for company owners, but the benefits of working together make up for that ... and its always nice to get a cuddle after a stressful meeting!”
What make you get out of bed every morning?
“My wife digging me in the ribs!.. but seriously I get a real kick out of creating new things. When a project goes live and you can see lots of people all using your program across a call centre, it gives you a real sense of acheivement.”
Favorite Saying?
“We will either find a way, or make one” -Hannibal